Saturday, 8 December 2012

Acid Forming Foods & Bone Health

Are grains acidic?

PRAL (potential renal acid load)is a rating of how potentially acid or alkaline a food is, calculated on the major acid and alkaline substances.[1] 100 grams of brown rice has a PRAL of around 2. 100g of whole wheat bread has a PRAL of 1.1. This means they're slightly acidic. You could argue the acidifying effect could be less as the calculation is partly based on phosphorus content. Grains may have a lot of phosphorus, but a lot of it is in the form of phytate which isn't even absorbed.[2]

PRALs of other foods per 100g

Chicken broilers, 17.3
Top sirloin steak, 15
Boiled egg, 8.7
Walnuts, 5.5
Almonds, 3
Kidney beans, -0.8
Orange, -3.6
Potato, -5
Banana, -6

Spinach, -11.8
Medjool dates, -13.6

The acidifying substances in the calculation are phosphorus and protein. There is still some debate as to whether high levels of these actually have significant effects on bone health [3][4][5].

Yes they're acidic. No it's not a problem.

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